History of Laurawrites.net


“Misty Morning”

Laurawrites.net started in 2002 as a writing community. Since that point, it has operated with a number of functions and served a variety of purposes. It was once a site dedicated to the professional writing industry. It was a platform to launch a publishing venture. It’s been a store, a forum, a business, and a gathering place.

The internet has dramatically changed since this site was conceived, and the time has come to change once again. Laurawrites.net is returning to basics. We’re no longer a writing community, publisher, or site exclusively for readers. The passage of time has proven that it’s best to stick with what you know.

The site is now going to be just a casual, friendly blog. Me. Laura Wright, or L. Chambers-Wright, depending on what you’ve read. I plan to discuss many things beyond writing. Naturally, I will add information on my books, but I wanted to do more. It’s a database of my poetry, a showcase for my photography, a discussion area for recipes, and all else that I come across. I also hope to highlight my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains and the many aspects of rural life. It’s a half hour to my nearest grocery store, but a few steps to scenery that rivals any in photograph.

Writing is a joy in life, but an empty joy if it consumes your life. The same can be said of countless writing sites that have come and gone since I first started this one. The time has come to make something that’s just enjoyable, without ulterior purpose or motive.

So, pull up a chair and enjoy a comfortable visit.

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