Remembering My Isaac

1. She felt dazed and unaware of her surroundings. The room was lit by a circle of blue candles on a table opposite her bed. Despite the remarkably bright light, she lay in darkness. The folds of the curtains suspended from the rods above were thick and smothering. She struggled […]

The Creep

1. They found him several weeks after that night. His abandoned body lay in the remote woods, as alone in death as he was in life. The nights had been freezing and days barely above. The elements had slowed decomposition. I think it might’ve been better if it hadn’t. I […]

Home Sweet Home

1.   Oh, why not write these things down? Why not, I say? For what is real and what is not? I am suspended over what my doctor calls the “dream-reality haze.” Isn’t that convenient? After all, what would anyone that’s crazy possibly know? Even regarding our own health or […]

The Beautiful Blue Mist

1. Traveling down a long, darrk corridor, a candle is my only light. The tiny flame sends a ghostly glow out ahead of me. The damp darkness, almost foggy, sends a shiver down my spine as I wait for what lurks beyond. The unknown lies ahead, so calming and confusing, […]


  Of course, she didn’t do it. She knew she didn’t do anything illegal. The point was convincing them she didn’t do it. How was that possible? They wrongly assumed her guilt, and now their assumption had her behind bars. She was guilty until proven innocent. It was unjust. How […]

The Statue of Ninurta

He held the war god of Babylon, even though everyone had said it was just a myth. They claimed he insulted the field of archeology with his, “self-appointed quest.” Ninurta was a gorgeous solid gold creature within his hands. Jonathan brushed the ancient sand delicately from the priceless relic. The […]

The Last Kiss

With great force, the wind blew the tree branches against the window. Inky and black, the night seemed to be a frightening predator and I, the only prey. Only a thin pane of glass protects me and shelters me from what lay beyond. The stars resemble tiny, imprisoned angels, damned […]


Day One What a beautiful day! I took the advice of my physician and embarked on the vacation of my dreams. Doc said my blood pressure was skyrocketing and I had to lower my stress level. What better way to end the stresses of work than with a vacation? I […]


The flame flickered inside the old rusting heater. Most of the device’s original beige enamel had been overtaken by encroaching red corrosion. The small mobile home reeked with the sharp odor of kerosene. Yes, the fumes probably were harmful, but it didn’t really matter. What a time for a storm […]

A Dead Rose

She watched the casket lower into the ground. The metallic bronze finish was dulled by the overcast day. She would feel despondent, lost, and alone if the situation were real. If that really was the person everyone believed it was. The coffin continued its descent. She knew she would want […]