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The Mines

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10:15 a.m.


I had the strangest dream last night, as I often do. What better place to get it off the mind than here?

I remember many things about it, but precise details are lost. I kept having to search frantically for something that lay deep within the deepest cavern and I couldn’t get to it. I kept having to rush through twists and turns and hidden passages, but no result.

Water began to flood the area slowly as I made my way downward. At first, it was damp and soggy like a swamp. The trickle of water soon became a flood and started filling the mines. By the time I escaped them and got air, I couldn’t make it back past the first flight down.

I don’t know what I was searching for. It was cold and dark and damp, I had no one to help me find the way at all. I ran into walls and ducked into passages and crawled through tiny spaces I couldn’t take a deep breath inside without becoming stuck.

I hate dreams like that, but they’re interesting to a point. The aspect of searching for something you know in dreams, but don’t know in waking is thought-provocative.

The dream ended with me helplessly watching pristine blue water (it had been murky) fill the shafts I’d descended. I didn’t find what I sought and never returned to my mission. Dreams are so mysterious.



11:19 p.m.

This is the sequel to the dream entry I posted earlier today. I’ve had some time to consider what was going on and more details have surfaced. In the dream, I was inside an old white house initially. I went down through the floors, then the basement. When I arrived in the basement, a shadowy figure encouraged me onward, but I don’t know who it was. They appeared and disappeared.

I rounded an entry in the basement and there was a hole in the wall where a vent should have been. I crawled through the cramped space and emerged in the mines. They weren’t typical mines where dust and clouds of dirt fill the air. This was almost a swamp. The air was humid, water dripped down from the ceiling. Puddles formed everywhere.

I went so far into the mines, I was almost halfway to my destination when the flood hit. I ran back the way I came and the water followed me, I crawled through the basement and up the steps into the house and the water continued to flow.

In the dungeon-basement it had been filthy and murky, but above ground, it was beautiful and blue. I couldn’t enter the house, let alone actually find what I was searching for. Another typical dream for me.



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