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11:17 p.m.

Never underestimate the physical requirements of belly dancing. While often spoofed and imitated, in the traditional and choreographed movements, it’s exhausting. It isn’t as painful as I believed, but I’m pretty flexible to begin with. It is a great deal of work to adapt to another’s movements.

It is a far greater dance than just that of the hips, it involves the entire body. I am sore, but feel much more centered and my muscles are greatly relaxed. I’ve performed a routine daily and will continue to do so. It’s a brief workout considering the normal “time” estimated for exercise. It is an intense series of movements. The greatest strain is that of timing, grace, and calculation. You can’t jerk your body or rapidly move through a few motions. Just an update on what is happening on this side of the mountain. May all your tales be twisted. Over and out.


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