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Rainy Days & Mondays

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9:27 p.m.

It is a rainy Monday. I love it when it rains, but I loathe Mondays. No matter what, it seems they always bring out the worst in things. Still dancing, I’m getting better at it. The sway Figure 8 hip circles were killer. Not to mention, the isolation movements. It is a magical dance.

Who would’ve known belly dancing was so freeing and so energizing? I can’t wait until I’ve progressed to true isolation and can move each part individually. My flexibility has improved and my ability to catch a drum beat.

It’s a dance that centers around drums, as it has always been. It feels primitive and natural. I know I’m still new at it, but I can’t wait until I’m advanced enough to just let go with wild abandon.

The book, Grandmothers Secrets has helped immensely. I’ve gained such an appreciation for the vast and obscure history of this dance. I know everyone gets tired of hearing me talk about it, but once you discover something that amazes you, it’s difficult not to. When you start dancing, the music hits you and it feels like it is going through your veins. The drum is your heart. You can block out everything and just let go.

In the traditional practice, women are not supposed to have flat stomachs; they are supposed to have curves and a figure. In our Western culture, we have abandoned that. Once you accept yourself as you are, it’s easy to let go.

I’m caught up on work. I finally printed and polished my press releases. I can take a moment to breathe. I think I am actually finished tweaking and perfecting the addiction section of my site. I need to stop fooling with it, but I want it to be perfect. It is a sad addiction, I have always thought. But, it’s so damaging to everyone involved.

The addict is seldom ever physically harmed, but those around them are really put through the ringer. As mentioned in the “stealth” page, I’d had a terrible experience a month or so ago. A long-time friend, of almost two decades, completely did a 360 turn on me. It was shocking. Literally. We’d went to school together, rode on the bus together from grammar school through high school, shared tough times, pregnancies, everything. Then, they changed. As soon as they got a system and got online. They didn’t want a friend at all. I mean, no one. No physical acquaintances at all.

Some things happened and they urged a group of people to confront me, of course, leaving all proper links open and pointing to me. And, strangely, some did. How can you confront someone solely because someone you barely know tells you to?

Anyhow, I’m ecstatic that is over. It’s just a shame. I can’t say I have a great deal of compassion for addicts. I’ve had to be around different kinds before and they don’t let you feel sympathy got long. So many that I’ve seen want their problems, they don’t want to change anything. You can’t help them. If you suggest something, they either ignore it or get mad at you for “interfering.” Yet, they go on complaining about it. Enough of that. It’s late and I’m tired. May all your tales be twisted. Over and out.


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