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It’s been another busy day here. Still trying to get it all together. The site needs to be updated and I hope I’ve tucked in all the seams.

Am waiting on information about the main article. I want that to be good, no less than as perfect as possible. It’s so amazing to have time to work and even a little left to play;).

Another birthday came by, if it hadn’t been for hubby, I’d have forgotten it. I don’t know why I can’t ever remember my own birthday, seems like it would be natural. There’s always so much going on by August and September, birthdays seem to take a backseat.

My great discovery as another year goes by is the importance of stability and the beauty of consistency. The satisfaction of being comfortable with yourself and those closest to you. What greater beauty is there than that of a familiar soul.

Its amazing when you think of it. A sweet spirit who can change with the world, and, yet, remain so loving and loyal. Ever unchanging and accepting. Certainly, it isn’t only a birthday, but the memorials today that make you consider all that is beautiful in life. Embraces, smiles, and the peace of maturity and graceful perseverance. Of those closest, who don’t ever change towards you, that’s what is important. You can go out into the world and return knowing what you’ll find. Knowing you’re safe and your haven does exist among them. It has been an interesting year of gains and losses, celebrations and sorrows. Reflection can be a blessed event.


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