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Stealth- Slipping Around Attack

Originally Published at
10:46 p.m.

It has been 57 days since my last post and over a month since I asked tech support to remove this danged thing. It’s still here. I wonder if it is safe to post. Through the prior ambush and onslaught, who knows? I’m hoping not to arouse the natives. What’s the adage? “When dining with the Devil, use a really long spoon.”

I enjoy peace and quiet. Busy as ever here, new school year. It has been wonderful for us. As for personal goals, I have another publisher nibbling and the sites ready to expand. After much consideration, not to mention personal insight, I’m constructing a large area for internet addiction and those victimized by it.

Earlier this year, I didn’t believe it existed. It is new territory and so fascinating. I’ve been blessed to have the solid advice of a renowned professional. That will really assist in the expansion. He has been working with addicts of substances and stimulants since the 1960s. He was kind enough to offer excellent advice on a personal situation and I am indebted. Certainly more information when I return.




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