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Another Magical Entry?

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These Are The Days of Our Lives

Today was better than I imagined. I’m finally done with the re-do of Dying. I NEVER thought I’d finish that one. I didn’t think it would take me months or anything, I just assumed it would take more work than it did.

I still can’t believe I can accomplish so much from seven hours. Who knew? I never expected to actually get so much done. That helped more than anything in the re-do. Now, I can move on.

There are so many half-completed and almost completed novels. I don’t think I’ll be needing inspiration for some time. I worked so hard and so quickly for so long, now I’m a bit shocked at free time.

Belly dancing is getting better. I was made for that. I’ve never practiced a dance that agrees more with what my body can and wants to do. I’m looking into appropriate costume and workout clothing. It’s much less expensive than I feared. I practiced the other day and it went too fast. I almost pulled a muscle. But, it feels so freeing, even when you do feel like you’re straining something.

You just cut loose and let your body follow the music. I’m working on a series of interview questions for another author I’m interviewing for the site. I want it personable, though. I don’t want the generic questions all authors are asked one hundred times over. That makes it the most difficult, but I think its much more readable. That’s all for now. Over and out.


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