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Tapes and Such

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9:39 p.m.

These Are The Days Of Our Lives?

Ain’t they though.

Has been a while since I updated, but all is well. Just a little busy. Dancing is still coming along. I’m getting better. It takes some time to get the choreography down, but I can tell it’s showing. You just feel it when your body starts limbering up.

I found my old tapes the other day. I was so surprised, I didn’t know whether to laugh or put them back. I doubt anyone can remember, but Samantha Fox, Poison, Whitesnake, etc. Let’s just say a definite, “Blast From The Past.”

I listened to them for a while, but the darndest thing happened. I felt I was missing something. Just that same horrible feeling I had when I listened to them as a teen. It was melancholy. I was so miserable, then.

But, I got to thinking, I knew what I was missing. That was a time when I had no interests in anything. My husband and son. My cds, my life, since those awful times. I remembered why I hated those times so much and that I never have to return. Maybe I’ll write about them sometimes.

Quickly, I ejected the tape and put them aside. I don’t have to go there ever again. May all your tales be twisted. Over and out.






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