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Another Monday

Well, I’m back.I am glad today is over with. It seems Mondays are the hardest days to pull through, regardless of your schedule. Maybe it’s just programmed after years of hearing how terrible they are, but I’m suspicious.

I printed some material today, finally. It seems the world stands still when a printer breaks. It’s a horrible feelnig to know what you could be doing, but you can’t because the hunk of junk you did have decided it was time to retire before you knew.I haven’t heard from anyone, has been kind of a bland day. But, hey, it’s a Monday. Can’t expect glorious events on Monday.The house is quiet. Yes! I’d be happy if I weren’t so tired.

After a day of rushing and noise, it’s so refreshing to just have complete and total quiet. I’ve been scheming about the site. Hmm. There’s so much I want to add. Hopefully, when I get my printed material straighened, I’ll have more time to devote to the site.All for now. Sorry it isn’t very thrilling.


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