Horror, humor… and hillbillies!


In The Hall of The Mountain King…

There are many swords.

It’s supposed to snow tonight. Inches and inches and inches. I hope not. I don’t know why.

Busy as ever today. I think I’m making some progress on printing. Slow, draining, boring progress. I’m about to forgo the old tradition of making copies of the original. If worse comes to worse, I think I’d just rather print it out again. It’s so much of a hassle to find a place to make copies of a 400-page book. 

I feel sluggish. There’s just too much going on. This time last year, life was pretty stationary and calm. I hate chaos. I loathe chaos. Truely. I like nice, calm, boring routine.  I can function much more efficiently when I don’t have to be thinking of everything.

Well, all for now.



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