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It Snowed… [Blah]

Well, it did it. It snowed.

But, what can you do? At least it’s wet snow and doesn’t stick. I’ve just had it with snow, enough for one year. We had to get a motel room for two nights the last time. I hated it. Some vacation. I hate motels.

Not alot has happened. I enrolled in my electives.   That was very good. Now, I can continue with my studies, I hate that little limbo between deciding what to do and waiting until the appropriate time has passed. I need more patience.

I need to get back into dancing. Since I stopped, I’m out of shape! My flexiblity has flown, my stamina stampeded, my energy eloped. I got too many literary “irons in the fire,” and not enough time to manage them. I need to organize my priorities and make a schedule if I’m going to try everything.

I didn’t get to do any work today aside from some non-fiction projects. Too much was going on! I was preparing for a blizzard this time, they aren’t catching me off guard. Sometimes it seems like a conspiracy with metereologists, you have to at least consider their warnings. After last time, though, who can? They said it was just going to be a light dusting of the white stuff. It was a blizzard, we had about five inches. The roads weren’t clear, electricity and telephone lines were broken, it was terrible!

Well, all for now. I’ll see if I can make use the remainder of the day in a constructive way.


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