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It’s Saturday Night

And I couldn’t be happier than where I am now.

I am a homebody. Think it’s heredity, I’m Scots-Irish, people in either line are known for appreciating their land. I’m no exception.

We didn’t do a great deal today. We did the usual ho-hum grocery shopping and getting ready for another week. Yee-hah. It just doesn’t feel like Saturday, more like Sunday. I hate it when my days get mixed up like that.

It has been oddly quiet here. No contact from anyone. Doesn’t that sound healthy?    I’m waiting for an email from a friend. She’s just getting into creative writing and I’m so happy for her. There’s nothing like it. Regardless of intention, professional or personal, writing is beautiful. I do have drawbacks, though. Sometimes, I see so much that really is more “personal” writing and it should stay that way. It’s all a mix, when it comes down to it.

Well, since I’ve done hardly anything constructive today, I’ll see if I can make the night more worthwhile. Over and out.


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