Horror, humor… and hillbillies!


Learning To Fly

I really like that song.😌 To day was exhausting, we have an illness at home. But, hopefully, all will be better tomorrow.It is almost Valentine’s Day and raining like Summer. Feels like Summer. Everyone is sweltering with such heat for this time of year. Where is the snow? The ice? Probably waiting until a more opportune time like May or June.

I am so proud of myself, I finally finished editing, Dying. the way the publisher wanted. 🤬 At least, I think I’m through. It’s really a never-ending process so I can’t very well say it is totally finished until I’ve gotten it in the mail. I’m excited. They told me the few aspects I worked on were the only reason it was not accepted. I have my fingers crossed.Now, I get to start on Ghost. Boy, oh, boy, this is going to be a thrill. It’s just so danged big and I just finished editing an entire novel yesterday. I know, no glory in laziness. 🤒


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