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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

We stopped and looked at another house today. It was pretty, but I’m just not sure the ceilings were high enough. Older homes are more beautiful, but can need the most work. I just don’t know that we’re ready for a real “fixer-upper.” 

Has been a warm day, but this whole week has. Now, it’s supposed to snow Thursday. Go figure. One day we’re the Bahamas, the next Canada.

I was thinking earlier, isn’t it sad how easily you can lose touch with friends? I have some friends and some distant relatives like that. I do miss them at times. I think people, after so long, have a feeling akin to “home.” You just relate with them so greatly and have such a history, it’s almost a tangible emotion. Being away from them for years is like being so far away from the feeling of, “home.” The security, the dependability, the stability becomes tied in with you mind and emotions so much, it’s like a house that you grew up in. It protected you, comforted you, and in bad times, it sheltered you.

I guess there’s always something to miss.

I prepared the package for the illustrator. That took more work than I anticipated. I hope she enjoys and accepts the project, it really is such a wonderful way to bring about awareness.

All for now, I think. Over and out.


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