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Sleepy Friday

Today was good, sleepy, but better than yesterday. It’s supposed to rain tonight.

I mailed my book off. Finally. Took me long enough to prepare it. I feel good about it, though. Now, I can start on the other projects that have gathered dust during my fit of haste.

We’re house hunting. Hoo-rah. Actually, I’m looking forward to home-OWNERSHIP. Something to OWN. I’m so sick of renting, that gets so old so quickly. And it’s an unending circle, pay every month, year after year, own approximately: ZERO.

Believe it or not, I’m working on a line of kids’ books. Well, they have a great purpose and I think a beautiful message. That’s what’s most important. I want everything I write to have some kind of positive underlying meaning. I’ll be the first to admit that not everything I write is all sunny skies and relaxation. But, that isn’t life. Life is those brief, beautiful instances of tranquility. It’s much like happiness, we all strive for it, but it isn’t lasting. It isn’t supposed to be. Otherwise, we’d take it for granted.

I love these little smilie things. As if that isn’t obvious, huh?

Well, all for now. Over and out. Goodnight, Houston.


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