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We’re Thawing! [BigGrin]

We went and looked at the house!

But, there is a problem. The ceilings are low. I mean really LOW. I hate that, it was such a pretty place. It had so much potential! Sometimes, I just wish we could find something that didn’t require work, though. I just want a home, is that so much to ask for?

If we got that one, we’d still have to basicaly chop off the top half and re-do it. That just isn’t very appealing to me right now. I love fixer-uppers, love their “feel” and their character. They don’t make houses like they used to, this one is from 1890. The first house I’ve visited where the basement was gorgeous, but the rest of the house needed work. Really. That foundation and basement was solid stone and was so perfect it could’ve been in England.  There are these mammoth trees scattered through the back yard and it just looks so magical. It’s reasonably-priced, just the right size for us, and completely in need of work.

That’s about it for today, we went driving just to see where the roads ended. We would up about a hundred miles away.  Whoops! But, it’s fun just to get out and have no real purpose of traveling. We ended up on this little road that stretched out for miles and miles. We kept joking that the people just happened to wander in and couldn’t figure out how to return to civilization-so they stayed.

The houses were so strange in comparison to those around us! It was like a little community of Dutch architects, most were completely beautiful, just appeared misplaced. We met few cars and joked that they couldn’t figure out how to leave, either. Eventually, we came to the assumption that there was no way out. That the community propogated itself by visitors who got marooned on that road. We even started looking at houses there.

You see the strangest things when you just “drift.” It’s a wonderful way to pass the time.

All for now.


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