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Ahh. Nice, boring routine. Today was good.

I can’t believe the work I was able to complete. My web site’s going to be sleek and polished by the time I’m finished. I LOVE being able to work. I love it even more when I can feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I tried to call the mystery publisher today, but the woman I talk to is in New York City. How I wish that had something to do with my book…lol. I’m just tired of working on the same thing, I want it in print so I can move on. There’s so much more to write!

I saw about everyone and heard from about everyone It more than made up for this weekend. I like my solitude, but I miss my communication sometimes, too. I’ve never been a “people,” person, but I do like to speak to one every now and then. Of course, I have my hubby, but he does work long hours for half the week.

No more on the house-hunting. I don’t know if we’ll get “low ceilings,” or not. I’m having second thoughts. I love the bargains you can get with fixer-uppers, but just don’t know about paying the price of a house, for something that needs work. Sometimes, I’d just like a place that you can actually move into and live in prior to any changes. Of course, we could move into and live in the house, but you just have to duck to get through doorways and stairs.

I’ve even considered mobile and manufactured housing, but don’t think the loan place would really go along with it. They seem pretty rigid on what you buy. What can you do? They’re the only place that will give us the right terms and rates that we are looking for.

All for now.


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