It’s Friday night!  Somehow, that just doesn’t invoke the enthusiasm it once did.  Another advantage of being married, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to behave like it’s a weekend. Therefore, weekends lose the mysterious fascination and excitement. Everyday’s a Friday if you see it that way.

Nothing new on the home front. I didn’t work on Ghost, yet. Still getting ready. Think I’ve found even more material for the intros. There’s just too much to add.

Heard some great news today. The writer friend I mentioned before who had such serious health problems mailed me today. She’s doing great, her condition has almost cleared up completely. Who says miracles don’t happen in our times?

I’ve been thinking more of the site and improvements I can make. I know, it never stops. (Que, “She never sleeps.”) I don’t want to dwell on it, its so easy to be obsessive with  a web site. There’s always something to add or something more to improve on.

Isn’t that the same with almost everything, though? Well, all for now.

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