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Etta James

I made it yet again.

Today went well. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. My little one gave me the first gift he’s ever got me on his own, with his own work. I about bawled, there’s nothing like a gift from your child, for no reason. That put my entire week in a positive light. Little one has such a big heart, it makes me so happy. A child is the most wonderful blessing.

Didn’t really hear from many people today, although school was packed. You’d think it was registration day. I don’t know what it happens, but every so often, you can hardly find a parking space or a place to sit inside.

Ah, election year.  Time for boots and umbrellas, the mud is preparing for launch. It is the year you wish for an end to televised political debates, commercials, flyers, posters, claims, scandals, uproars, fights, and everything else that makes democracy so.. So…. So what it is.

Speaking from a family who has had to live on sixteen thousand in a year, during both Clinton and Bush administrations, I hope Bush gets it. Otherwise, we’ll probably be back to making 16,000 a year after taxes. Yea, that’s the answer to our economic woes, just tax the soul out of people. Keep everyone on welfare, on welfare, put states under complete control of the government. Of course, when the taxing is over with, we may all need welfare.

We aren’t members of a union or special interest group, no political party acknowledges us. But, it’s good that way. Politics is politics. Period. Of course, what unions are in this area are pretty horrible. Non-union companies have worse pay, worse benefits, petty issues within ranks, drinking vacations in the guise of “conventions,” they’re corrupt and rarely accomplish anything positive. Of course, most of our glorious American union companies have somehow, conveniently, drifted overseas and now employ workers over there. Those that haven’t closed their doors. How they pulled the stint with NAFTA and didn’t draw attention from unions, or were overlooked, I’ll never know.

How, precisely, is it more profitable and cheaper? Companies spend millions in construction overseas, millions for training American workers already have, let’s not even count the issues with travel, lodging, and the work expenses involved with commuting to another country for management. Now, we’ll look into taxes involved with exporting and importing, the laws of whatever country they’re in, do companies actually believe they’re coming out ahead? That must be the reason why so many companies are closing. Ludicious management. I’ll move my corporation ten thousand miles away, spend years training, and save a buck. It makes no sense.

I’m set in my ways. I would like to see states more independent than they are.

Well, enough of that for one night. Over and out.


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