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Julee Cruise

Ahhhh… php time.

I was attempting to polish the old site up and ran into this. Of course, I’ve been working with php, in my own way, for a year. It’s a distant relation I have no desire to know further. Took me forever to get HTML down, now I’m supposed to work with php?

Well, that’s it for me. Haven’t heard from anyone, although we did go out today. I’m feeling restless again, there’s so much I need to do and while I feel I’m making progress, it’s frustrating. A woman’s work is never done.

Spring cleaning time. Isn’t it glorious?

There is a position I’m interested in, if it’s still open. A local publication is seeking staff writers and I’m considering it. Would be a little something, that’s always a positive event. I wonder what the position would entail? I’m not working at an office when I have one at home. Besides, nothing draws you farther away, when engaging in novels, than working outside your creative area. Well, I suppose I’ll just have to look into it. I’ve also started thinking of photography, just as a hobby. I love photography. Looking for new angles, new perspectives. Much like a physical form of writing, you’re creating new atmospheres in familiar surroundings.

Speaking of which, back to work for me.

Over and out.


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