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You ever write something that you want to keep for yourself?

I’m about to be selfish with Ghost. I really am. I can’t help it. I worked more with it today. I love that story so much, I don’t know if I have the heart to subject it to strangers. I have other books, this one could be something for myself. It’s MINE, I tell you. My Precious…

I know, I know. It isn’t really mine. Is any writing ever truely that of the writer, alone? I don’t think so.

It isn’t my right to be selfish. There’s always a chance that something will arise from it, that little curiosity gets a writer every time. What if?

What if it’s meant for things beyond what you know? What if there’s a reason completely unrelated to you?

The sweetest and most unbelievable review I’ve received before in my life happened that way. I’ll never forget it. I published a short story at a site online, nothing formal or really professional, for that matter. Just for feedback.

It certainly wasn’t a “literary” piece, nothing I placed any value or significence upon. Just a short horror story that I felt revealed the darker side of romance. A woman longed for her husband’s return after his death.

The person who read it sent me a letter of suffering the same way when their daughter died. For me that was overwhelming.

I never dreamed or imagined something like that would come of such a story. That is the most favorite and adored response I’ve ever received from writing. Just knowing something could touch someone in such a way, and really the story had nothing to do with a child’s demise. I’m a mother and that floored me.

For While I’m Dying, I received a letter from a woman who had recently left an abusive marriage. Since the book went so heavily into domestic violence themes, she congratulated me on capturing what a victim suffers on paper. That was another that caught me off guard.

I think the sweetest thing a person can say to or about a writer is that they relate. They understand and empathsize or sympathsize. Just knowing others experienced what you write about, and that you’ve “hit the nail on the head,” has to be the ultimate prize.  It’s one thing to be complimented for your writing, that always makes you feel good. But, it’s on a much higher and unrelated level when people say they “feel,” your material in any way.

Speaking of feeling, I’m beat. Night all. Over and out.


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