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Lena Horne

Today was exhausting. I can’t believe how drained just riding in a car can be. We went everywhere.

We visited a local park, it was so beautiful. It’s a state park and has cliffs that have to rival the Grand Canyon. Nothing like nature to put you in a constructive perspective of life.

It was a little odd because no one else was there. Sort of an abandoned park today. The signs said they’d just closed, but you’d never expect something as large as a state park to clear out so suddenly. I can’t tell you how much that inspired me to write.  Nothing like a mysterious setting to get the creative ideas blooming.

We finally got a DVD player, after months of wishing. I still can’t believe we have it. When something is new, I’d prefer to just look at it first. I’m a visual person, I prefer anticipation.

Am moving on in my studies, I finally got my text! It’s so fascinating. I love to study and research, if it weren’t for writing, I’d have went into that field. Or marketing. I have a strangely enjoyable knack for marketing. I have no idea where it comes from. There’ve been writers in the family, but not really anyone with commercial interests.

I think that’s about it for now. Over and out.


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