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Do unto others?

My studies are going into this concept farther than I’ve ever known. The message has such an impact, but you know it makes perfect sense.

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, either. Christianity, Karma, quantum physics, or most other cultural religions, everything comes back. It’s so fascinating that what you do and think can have such an impact over you at the time, and such an affect on your future. As soon as you initiate negativity, the cycle starts. It may take it years to return, but it will.

I don’t believe it’s so much a warning as a simple truth. Just like good deeds, actions, or thoughts will return equally wonderful rewards.

I’ve done much soul-searching, but I wish people would treat one another better. I daresay, I wish everyone would treat me as I treat them. Of course, it can always be better, but we can’t be perfect. It just seems there aren’t that many people who maintain loyalty or stability. So few people want to treat others respectfully or considerately, but they expect full consideration and polite catering to their particular wants or needs. They want to treat others with treachery and manipulation, but never want to be betrayed or manipulated. Then, they wonder why their lives aren’t any better, all the while.

Humanity can be a very puzzling group to study. Spiritually, emotionally, or mentally. Some people are so indifferent or cruel as to seem non-human. Likewise, there are those who seem too-good-to-be-true, and you wonder if they’re human  because they have such sweet hearts and considerate personalities. I’m blessed to say I know quite a few in this category. But, sadly, it seems many more in the previous.

Well, work to do, as always. Over and out.


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