I finally made it back. I’m still working with php code, God help me.

I know I’m asking for it, but I’m going to try another template. Wish me luck. I know I can always delete what I don’t like, but it’s just a pain to reorganize it all. If anyone’s looking for information here, the blogs are gone and the forum is down for laurawrites.net. I didn’t think the blogs really improved the site as I’d hoped and I had multiple forums. I’m hoping to condense them into one so visitors just have to register once and once only to access. It’s very inconvenient to have to sign up in all these different areas just to participate in a single site.

I’ve finally organized a contest at the site. I’ve wanted to for ages, but never really got around to it. I’m so happy I got that arranged, I love contests.

Not much new on the homefront. I finished my course and am awaiting enrollment to another.

We filled out paperwork for a home loan. I’m already feeling the urge to bite my nails. I can’t imagine homeownership. What a relief to ditch the landloard routine!

Well, over and out for now. Time to get into the good ol’ php. May it have mercy on me. 

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