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I did it, Blog!!!!

I conquored Phpbb in my new forum! Ha-HA! Well, okay, so it was just a new template. But, hey, that takes some work to upload and organize. I am still spinning that I did it. There must be over one hundred twenty files in one template and I uploaded them correctly. Well, so it does get better with time.

Today was okay. My cousin died three days ago, I haven’t been in. I don’t know what to think about it. I’ll certainly miss him, but I know he’s so much happier now. He was so lonely and unhappy, had been since the accident ten years ago. He was only in his 30s. I can’t stand to see anyone suffer, it breaks my heart. I knew him so long before it all happened. He was so energetic and extroverted, then in a single night, he was different. I used to play with him when I was little, he was the baby of his family and they lived right out the road from us. Life is so strange. I know what he went to and I would not want him back. There’s so many in our family who have went on, what a homecoming it must be. Grief becomes familiar when you’ve met it enough. And you know it’s just a visitor. Time does heal all in that regard.

Well, almost end of hubby’s vacation. We didn’t accomplish one single major thing. But, isn’t that the beauty of vacations?

We went shopping today. Yee-hah.  I found clothes for prices you can’t get a box of cereal for. I love it when you can get a lot and still have a lot left. It’s certainly a rarity.

I can’t believe Spring is here. Where has it all went? Seems only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas. It’s been so beautiful, though. Life is always so beautiful. It’s just amazing that you are, where you are, and can love and be loved by who is around you.

We got house plans.  Now, I’m scared of that.

It’s so terrifying and exciting. That’s so much to be in debt for, but it’s so pretty. I oogled the plans all evening yesterday. You know you’re a mom when you drool over a home’s functionality and spacious rooms for children to play in.

Well, over and out for now.


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