It’s raining.  Again. And again. And again. Our basement will soon be an extension of the Holston river. We will then plant rice fields in the side yard because the entire mountain is dumping its excess water through it.

I accomplished alot today, I’m proud of myself. The site is going to be breath-taking once I can incorporate all the changes and get it uploaded. I’m excited about it.

Still no news on writing. Why do so many publications seeking writers require degrees? Do they think talent and ability comes from a classroom? Academic English studies do nothing more than teach you what you already learned in high school. I’ve got textbook after textbook, the same ones used in colleges in the region, and it’s a riot. Evidently, they believe high school graduates are illiterate and uneducated because they teach the SAME THINGS.

I always believed I missed something by not attending such courses in college, but after so much reading and studying, I was right. It would be a complete waste of time. Why bother? So some yahoo professor will try to cram their personal interpretations of the classics down my throat? So I can endure their pomp and arrogance? So they can tell me how to write, when they have NO CREDITS in publication at all to their name? I couldn’t be a good student in a situation like that. You have the knack for writing, or you don’t. Point blank. It’s not a big deal, although they try to make it one. Going to college does not ensure or promise publication. That is spawned from talent and ability, which comes from the individual, not the classroom. They are nonsensical and illogical. Shouldn’t experience qualify for something? I think credits, not degrees, should say where you are in writing.

OKay, that was my gripe of the day. Degrees in English mean nothing in publishing without something substantial to back them up. I’ve yet to hear of any author getting published because their story sucked, but really they had such impeccible grammar! I can see it now. You won’t enjoy the plot, but you’ll LOVE their devotion to the rules of English usage!

Yes, grammar is mandatory for publication. But, it is a learned ability and can be self-taught. It’s trivial. The story, the self-editing, the polishing is what creates wonderful writing. Not a classroom that teaches what you learn throughout grammar and high school.

All for now. Over and out.

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