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Vampire Songs- Unknown artist

I made it back. Finally. Didn’t think I’d get to, but I made it. Am listening to a very sentimental cd, although I couldn’t tell you who does it. It’s a compilation of the same musician, but I’m void of a name. It’s sad. Cd has no name, can’t find the case.

We’re getting ready for another week. My site was hacked, I hate that.   The tech is working on it, but it just burns me up. To beat it all, they hacked in to promote. That has to be the most pathetic, ridiculous, wasted attempt at drawing attention to something. It’s pretty bad when you need to stoop to illegal or unlawful activity just to get attention on something. PR of amateurs.

I was talking to someone I knew the other day, isn’t it strange how things can change in the span of a  year. A year seems like a long time, on the calander, it even looks like a long time. But, is it? It isn’t.

It’s so amazing that time can do things like that. You know, this time last year, life was completely different for me. Different friends, different goals, different hopes. Everything changed within a few months and I’m still adjusting, I suppose. For the most part, going through those changes was a horrible experience, but now, I see so clearly. It’s all so open and bright.

Since little one started school, things have evolved a hundred times over. Instead of only having a few friends, I’ve been blessed with quite a few. Instead of being home so much, I’m pretty busy outside the house. People seem different, life seems so different. I know it’s from those classes.

I started listening more to people who want to know more, who ask and seek, who are adventerous and kind. Most of all, who are trustworthy. Who don’t give you name and their biased, negative version of your life story to strangers online. Who don’t manipulate others into “confronting” you. Of course, all that is done in the guise of “expression,” or, “speaking what is felt.” Now, everyone who believes that, please stand up. Expression is slander and defamation when you use someone else as a target.

Ok. Had a bad experience last year. Very bad. Recent contact flared it up some. It’s good to reflect as long as you’re seeing where you went wrong and how you can prevent it from ever happening again. That is the best purpose of history, to show the trial-and-errors of others so the same mistakes aren’t repeated.

Rule #1. Never sell a computer to someone who hasn’t been online before, if you ever want to talk to them again. 

Rule #2.  If rule 1 applies to you, and you can’t seem to contact them, leave them alone. You may not know who you’re trying to contact any longer.  Bad things happen when net addicts are provoked. Of course, no one actually considers it because what can anyone do online? Bug the crap out of you. I hate being aggravated. I hate the surfing warriors who feel it’s their God-given right to know someone a day or two and attack whomever those strangers are displeased with.

Anyhow, enough of that. I hope the site gets fixed. I’m irritated tonight, humor me.

Husband is off for a whole week and we have so much to do. One of those weeks where you just don’t know what to do first. Well, wasting time here. Over and out for now.


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