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The Bittersweet Symphony

Hello again. I’m getting terrible with this.

I am not very reliable with my blog. But, nothing new. I get in phases and it’s difficult to find time. I’m hoping things have slowed for a moment.

Now that things have settled with the site for a moment, I can take a breather. I’m taking my time with my coursework, too. No need to rush when so much is going on. May is going to be a hectic month.

On a lighter note, I have gotten to publish some short stories and poetry on the site. I’m always happy when I can make some progress with that. I love having a domain all to myself, there’s so much room for growth and expansion and experimentation.

Little one won a vacation from his reading at school. I’m so proud. I think he earned it more than anything, he read hundreds of books through the school year to get the trip. His school is good to him, I just hope he always has the same vigor and enthusiasm for going. That makes it much easier. I had such horrible separation anxiety his first day, and, of course, he didn’t mind at all.

I cried all day. It’s hard to let go, even for just a little while.

Waiting to hear from publisher. Good Lord, with the normal time it takes in the paper publishing world, you could literally have written a library before hearing from the first publisher. They certainly take their time.

Well, as it is, I better go. Over and out.


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