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I think I made it. I believe. I could be wrong, though.

Who knew Summer could be so hectic? It’s worse than when school is in. Lately, I look forward to school again so I can rest.

Between preparing for home ownership, meetings, and further education, who can possibly find time to breathe?

We’ve had tons of rain. Tons. It’s flooded. Why can’t there just be a healthy balance between rain and shine? Not Mojave desert heat for a while then a series of typhoon-like storms?

It has been so strange. I can’t believe little one is going to be in first grade. How is it possible? I’m excited about it, though. I believe that first semester is my favorite. Halloween, trick-or-treating,  the entire holiday season, I love it. When the atmosphere is its saddest and darkest, inner life and passion blossoms.

Of course, when January sets in, it’s a different story.

Our house has the strangest accoustics. If not for the fact that we know it has plaster walls inside the current decor, it would be very spooky. I think plaster amplifies sounds and sends them in strange directions.

I can’t really complain, though. We have truly been spoilied this year. I think we’ve been more blessed this year than most others.

We started tithing this year. You know, donating ten percent of the entire household income to church and charities. That did it. We’d struggled all these years, living from paycheck to paycheck, often having to borrow between paydays, check cashing services, you name it, we tried it. January rolled around and it was a bit of an unofficial resolution. Give God a year. A single year. Or if you’re really cautious, 3-6 months. I chose the year.

It worked. Somehow, we had money. It was NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, nothing drastic or miraculous. But, subtly, there came a change. The first week, we didn’t have to borrow anything. We had extra money. Nothing much, as I recall. Just ten or twenty bucks extra. But, that was something, and I’d given 10% away. The next week, a little more. It continued.

Then, you really notice it. Just suspicious “coincidences.” I don’t believe they’re coincidences at all. It isn’t a ticket to riches, but it is a ticket to something.

All it takes is generosity. In the Christian faith, it’s just trust. If you trust enough to give when you only have a little, you will get more. If you have a good heart and give without grudge. I think J.D. Rockefeller said it best, “I’d never been able to tithe on my first million, had I not tithed on my first paycheck. It amounted to one dollar, fifty cents.”

I don’t expect to ever have his money, and I’m not sure I would want it in today’s times. Talk about people flying out of the woodwork! There’d be a line of people a mile long at your front door within hours. But, having what we have is amazing to me. Sometimes, I think people are so guarded over it. Really, it’s just a simple amount. You don’t see that, though, until after you start giving and notice the change. You just don’t miss it. Your getting more than you believed possible. Then, you get to where you don’t want that ten percent. One week, husband made three times his normal paycheck. We forgot to tithe, things kept happening, and within a week it was gone. We had nothing to show for it. The next week, he got a normal paycheck, we tithed, it lasted two weeks.

That’s all for now. Over and out.


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