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John Donne

Well, hasn’t it been a tornado these past few weeks? Where to start?

Let’s see. We were robbed on Father’s Day. Can you beat that for a holiday celebration? The wheels of justice are moving normally sluggish.  Ah, the fabulous wheels. If you ask me, they not only need mags, but an actual engine that propels it forward. Acceleration would be nice. Some sort of movement that didn’t hinge on plate tectonics or gravity to reach it’s full potential.

Anyways, we do have suspects. But, who can you really suspect? The few choices are obvious. Painfully so at that. We have no neighbors, so nothing there as far as enemies. No conflicts at school, church, or work. Hmmmm. So… That leaves very few.   It isn’t easy to know someone dislikes your family that much. And believe me, this break-in was personal. I was proud of the way we handled it. We found everything from fingerprints to things that fell from their car. Oil leaks. Evidence suggests they even had their kids with them. Ah. How lovely. What great and lofty ambitions to tutor little minds on. They will pay.

What would we do without the ol’ ripple-effect? Karma in new age terms, justice in Christian terms, or the more colorful, Appalachian phrase,” What goes across the devil’s back comes back around his belly.” A variation of ,”what comes around, goes around.” But, for many people that is the only justice.

We are deeply consoled by the fact that everything taken has serial numbers. Well, nearly everything. The single item without serial numbers is highly distinguished. Pawn shops in our area have to run everything by the law enforcement, so we’re lucky there. Not only can they never be seen with the items, they can’t sell or give them away. From the scenerio we suspect, they can’t use them either.

In all honesty, they pulled a number on themselves. You know it isn’t quite as stinging if things adults use are taken. Silverware, jewlery, things like that. But, much of the stuff they took is our sons. He’s six! How could someone take from a child? No, they couldn’t take the money we had laying out. They took our son’s game system, how pathetic is that?

Well, it’ll come back to them tenfold. Good thing we’re patient people.

Well, I’ve rambled my time away. All for now. Over and out.


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