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The Day Before…

Originally Published at @ 10:27 p.m.

Yes, I changed again. Couldn’t resist, I love Frost.

I can’t believe it’s the day before New Year’s Eve. How is that possible? Now, the allegedly constructive, yet often warped attempt to make reason out of everything that happens to you within one year.

Or the even more frequent Doomsday Effect. Simply recalling the wonderful times of the year suddenly brings about a heated desire for revenge and a taste for blood towards everyone who pulled one over on you in the previous year. You find yourself looking for rope to lynch the next drunken idiot who chimes into an off-key, slurred version of, “Auld Lang Syne,” and you find yourself singing, “All Aint’s Sign,” with them.

No matter what they do or how perky they try to be, it comes across “in your face.” That’s why so many people get drunk on New Year’s. To forget their hate, their defeats, and drown out that stupid person who never fails to grate nerves into the quick by (unintentionally. Or, deliberately?) screaming songs you never wanted to hear in a shriek. Oh, yea, I do parties, weddings, Bar Mizpahs, etc. I love to see where unchained thoughts lead.


I learned… I know I’ve learned something… Just give me a minute… It’s in here… Just have to find it…

Let’s see. Ah, you’re never too old to learn. No matter how old you are, there’s always going to be someone older. Unless you’re in the Guinness records, but if that’s the case, you get to boss everyone else around because you really are older than every other person on Earth.

There will always be things you never knew about yourself and they will never manifest until they decide to. I never knew at 19 what the future held for me online at 29. That’s just ten years.

I’ve learned that life altering events can happen within seconds. We’re always taught that, but somehow, until something happens to you personally, you don’t really consider it.

I’ve learned that somehow, we always have what we need. But, what we need is seldom what we really want.


I’m not sure I believe in resolutions. Why make a formal pact with yourself for what you should already be doing? I like to leave the New Year up to hope and inspiration. Resolutions are made to be broken, otherwise we’d have no resolutions next year. They seem worthless by May. Non-existent by July.

  • I think hope comes as you make it. It’s always there, just in whatever amount you expect. If you expect life to be horrible, you will not be in for a surprise. Ever.
  • The sweetest things aren’t expected.
  • The best friendships aren’t always like you planned.
  • The worst loss is a relationship, although in many cases, there’s no choice. Everything else on earth, outside of people, can be replaced.
  • Working with php code is pretty much suicide.

Well, that’s all for now. Maybe more tomorrow night. I think. Just play it by ear, more or less. Goodnight all. May all your tales be twisted.



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