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The Great Robbery

Originally Published at @ 12:32 p.m.

The Great Robbery: Part One

We were robbed on Father’s Day this year (2004). Cruel joke. That’s what the cops think, too. It surprised me that someone would do that in broad daylight. But, we were at church and I’m a firm believer in Karma, so it’s just a matter of time. I think when you do something to someone while they are at church or any other spiritual function is a sure-fire way to “curse” yourself.

Well, we’re in agreement with the authorities on the vendetta motive. You’d be amazed at what all happens when a home is robbed. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. Of course, we had robbers that were nothing like you’d think. Evidently, they didn’t really think at all.

If I were going to steal from someone, I’d at least take money. We had money sitting out that wasn’t touched. A few electronics were stolen, some personal letters tampered with, and in spite of the event, everyone had a good laugh. Eventually, we did, too. Our weapons were missing, our ammunition stayed here. Great. Now we can just throw a hand-full of bullets to defend ourselves.

Luckily, with some digging in our barn, we located a barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat. I don’t know who made it or why, (not sure I want to, either), but as long as it offers some sort of defense, we brought it here. Actually, it’s quite cruel looking. I hope it was just created to intimidate and not carry out a contract or anything.

The thieves took things which were so obvious, so traceable, it isn’t funny. Well, actually it is funny.

It’s been six months and we’re still waiting on those fingerprints. Yep. They left a load of fingerprints on our door, electronics, they left cookies in our driveway. Literally. Animal crackers. Robberies generally take forever to get feedback on prints because rapes, murders, big crimes always get priority.

Oh! The part I loved. They actually left a hammer, that was used for inside purposes, on the couch! We hang pictures and things like that inside with it. They picked it up and moved it to make it appear like they used the hammer to break in. Even more prints. What the hell is that? Isn’t it a wee bit conspicuous that your front door is busted wide open? Can you honestly cover it up? Doesn’t it appear that someone used something that was both OUTSIDE and matched the imprints left on the door? Well, we found what was used and turned it in.

Well, after county & state detectives explored everything, it was determined it was a personal “thing.” Can you imagine that? Someone hates you so much they’re willing to risk jail time just to aggravate? Middle school, anyone? It’s just creepy when considering adults do things like that. Precisely what defense would stand up in court for that one? We don’t mess with anyone, we don’t have enemies. At least, I didn’t think we did. I certainly didn’t hate anyone enough to justify a felony. Or even a misdemeanor for that matter.

It’s pretty sticky after that. Suddenly, you have to make a list of everyone you know, who fits the “criteria,” for those who did it. I mean you drag people out of the woodwork, but what can you do? If they’ll break in your front door, who knows what else they’ll so intelligently decide to do. “No, I don’t want the money, but I sure could use some old, scratched up cds. No, I don’t want nothing new, I’d like something that REALLY skips a lot. While I’m at it, I’ll just see what these old letters say…”

Luckily, we have some very understanding people near us. If it were me, I’d certainly want to be cleared ASAP. A robbery is a horrible thing for any family to go through.

What kind of world is this when the victim is more criminally-minded than the perpetrator? I simply write mysteries, have no formal law enforcement training, and would know enough to not leave any FINGERPRINTS.

Well, cops are very hush-hush about the entire thing. Somehow, not even being the victim entitles you to in-depth coverage. They’re waiting to see if there’s any match, and if not, they’ll start personally visiting people to fingerprint them if they’re suspected. At least they have suspects, we could be like those poor people who are just struck out of the blue. But, they suffer from random burglars, not vendetta ones.

One of our neighbors is a State Detective and he’s keeping track of things, in a round-about way. He’s been doing it for years, he suggested the personal agenda motive before anyone else did. I guess when you’ve been at it for that long, you see lots of crazy crap.

I wish it’d just hurry up and be over. There was implication that the people who did it had kids. That introduces a whole new world of crap to the equation. Kids. Can you imagine? They found some things here that kids would have used. What would happen to children if their parent (s) were convicted of not only robbery, but robbing with their children present?

In our state, just the act of breaking and entering is a felony. Period. If you just break into someone’s house to look and leave, you’ve committed a felony. Let alone if you actually take anything. The cost to replace what we lost is a few thousand dollars so there’s few felonies.

I guess you just have to look at everything. I mean they certainly had no remorse, second thoughts, or even the slightest struggle for placing our son in that mess. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have happened. They ruled out any “financial” motive so they wanted to place our child in that situation, just for the hell of it. I can’t imagine wanting an innocent child to suffer for a grudge I held against his/her parent(s). What cruel logic is that?

Well, I’ll post more later.



The Great Robbery: Part Two

Originally Published at @ 12:34 p.m.

I wasn’t sure of how to react, but two weeks after we were robbed. A car showed up in our drive around one in the morning. We had spoken to both state and county cops, and the police in the state beside us by the time this happened. The authorities believe they are connected.

Anyways, I’m going to state up-front that my house has poltergeist activity. It’s old and has unique abilities. It kept me up until I finally got up. Then I watched a car peel out from the front of our house. Luckily, we have a streetlight outside and I saw a good profile of the car. They threw a VCR tape of an adult movie at our mailbox. As you can imagine, the police in a rural area found that one very interesting. There were prints on that, as well.

By the time this happened, I was quite accustomed to the thought that they might attempt something else. We had concluded it was no normal robbery for money a few days after it happened.

It just makes you wonder about people. I wish there were someone I could talk to who had experienced something like this. Everyone has been robbed, but they were all “normal,” and it was purely for financial gain. Few have been broken into with a vengeful robber. When a motive of revenge is introduced, I guess that makes it a lot easier for the police to locate the perpetrator.

We haven’t been left alone after that. Thankfully, our neighbors and authorities are keeping a close eye on our house. The State Detective said this home should be a nightmare for robbers because it wasn’t the least bit hidden from the highway. One of the reasons he was so quick to state it was purely vindictive.

It’s a fascinating experience in ways. It’s a code that you have to crack in order to resolve. The prints will be the final piece of the puzzle when they return. There will be no turning back.

You know, when people commit crimes like this, they usually try to intimidate or put fear into you. Really, it has proved how protective people are in our lives, how much it hurts them when you are attacked. My sister attended school with the state attorney general and has said she’d visit him personally if we needed any help from him regarding our case.

I just wish none of it was needed. The stuff they took was easily replaceable. They stole some things we borrowed so three families are involved. I really hope that it was all worthwhile because it’s just going to be a mess when that hammer swings down.

I know it’s a vain hope, but I wish they would come out. Really. No matter who or why. That would save so much time and worry. Not to mention, court costs, fees, fines, and the time in incarceration. Well, I’m pretty certain they’d offer leniency for something as honest as that. Especially if there were kids involved.

I know it doesn’t work like that. They’ll have to be foolish and stubborn and obstinate. They’ll just hope the prints don’t turn up and somehow, the police will not pay any further attention to the case. Even though the state is involved. No doubt because so many typical, financial robberies go unsolved in our area. But, in a vindictive robbery, there is a general idea of who did it.

Once the police have the list of people they go to work. With a financial robbery, they have no knowledge of who.

Anyways, the robbers will do whatever they do and then seethe about the consequences of their actions when the time rolls around. Then, they’ll panic because of court costs, restitution, sentencing, and all that. And, of course, they’ll blame us for it. Not that it matters. But, it’s always aggravating when people blame others for something they willingly do.

Instead of taking responsibility, they kind of rationalize it to themselves and push it off on you. You don’t really have to do anything, just be at the right place in the right time. Then you get, “Yes, I did it. BUT, you made me…” “You forced me…” “I will broadcast my actions to the four ends of the Earth, but just know it’s YOUR fault…” “Yes, I ran over your dog, but it was standing beside the road in an area that I might need to drive through…”

Well, that’s about it for the robbery. We have a file, ourselves, just copies of the paperwork we’ve turned in. It was funny that so many got a kick out of it, I can’t count the times we’ve been encouraged to submit the ordeal to the, “Stupidest Criminals.” We’ll just see, I guess, when it’s over. Might make an interesting non-fiction book. You never know.

May all your tales be twisted. Over and out.



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