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A Summer January

Originally Published at @ 11:17 p.m.

Well it’s the first day of the New Year. I’ll start with a few words on the weather.

Good Lord, it’s hot. Here at the Copa Cabaña, January is a thing of the past.

I recently discovered that our furnace is so ancient, it’s connected with the elements. It takes it around 48 hours to achieve its set temperature. About 12 to cool down. As soon as I touch the dial, the temperature outside will plummet. What can you do. You’re either stuck in the Tropics or visiting the Arctic. I think I’ll just sweat.

The last time I turned it down, our thermometer’s dove into the single digits. Of course, by the time it cranked back up to where it was supposed to be, it was warm again. I’m not touching it. We’ll just sweat and bring our bathing suits out of storage. The nudist’s lifestyle is never more appealing than when you’re burning up.

Hubby is finally going to be off after tonight. Finally. I think we’re going through one of those “return to me,” phases. You know, romance will sort of fade for a while, then reappear, and all is glorious.

I’m listening to “Summer Breeze,” by Type O. Hmmm… Seems so homey right now. I like their version better than the original. There’s just a quality about it that’s completely absent from the first.

Anyways, think that’s all I’ll post. May all your tales be twisted. Over and out.




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