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Ah, hah! I’m a college student. That would be pretty common, save for the fact that I’m 30. Well, better late than never. It will be nice to see what can be accomplished with a little formal training. In two years, I’ll be a software specialist. In four, I’ll have my bachelor’s in professional writing.

Sadly, I’m starting to wonder. I just feel so overwhelmed with it right now. So much to learn! I think it’s more of insecurity than anything. I’d say all we’ll need is some time to develop a routine.

I am glad I waited, though. Now, so much can be done over the internet. It’s so unlike my poor attempt at it earlier. Well, I tried hard, it just wasn’t to be at that time. What can you do.

I had a haircut. A real haircut, good and drastic. It’s amazing though. I had nearly a foot cut off. But it’s so odd! It’s actually bouncy. My hair moves, who knew? A hair change can change more than you believe.

Well, guess I’d better hit the books some more. Ugh. Over and out for now. May all your tales…

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