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Still achy. But, I can walk better. I had blisters on my feet this morning. Ouch.

Went out and about today, it’s so beautiful outside. It’s so unbelievable it’s January. Everyone keeps waiting for the hammer to swing down and a blizzard to blow in. It would be nice to maintain this weather, though. It’s like Fall. Not hot, not cold, no snow or ice.

Examinations grow nearer. I need to look up my practice tests online. I tried one earlier and it didn’t come up. It’s funny. A 30-ish Freshman. I’ve attended a semester before, but had bills. Full-time college doesn’t work with a working schedule. No employers will work with you unless you are already working there and your education is work-related. Yea, employers are willing to work with students. Ha-ha.

Well, I guess I better get moving and “cram,” for the entrances. More later. May all your tales be twisted.

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