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I guess I do have a few minutes to waste.

I gamed for a while today, had to do some more work on the site. I’m trying out a new logo. It’s much more simplistic and should load faster.

Heard about a relative of mine, we’ll call her Fiona. She’s supposed to be leaving her husband due to his cruelty. You just never know. They’d been married about fifteen years, had kids (grown now), you never would have guessed. Literally. He’s even spent some brief periods in jail for it. And NOW we find out.

How awful. I can’t believe that could be so hidden for so long. They lived in the Midwest for years raising cattle and had trouble out there. We never heard about it. They move back here, have trouble, we never hear about it. It’s all secret.

How do you keep that a secret? Doesn’t the name appear in papers? Don’t voices carry? It isn’t until she decides to leave that anyone knows. For other relatives, it’s just the opposite. Boy, their name appears in the paper for anything negative and -whew- like a lightening bolt- the world knows. It’s kind of spooky. What really goes on in our family and we have no idea.Hmm….

Interview went well again. Although, it’s a bit shaky. Human resource departments have to be the most unstable and unpredictable parts of any company. You need to see this person, well wait, they’re busy. So see that person. But, no they’ve went to lunch. Blah, blah, blah.

I am excited about the one Thursday. That is with a much more notable company. Hee-hee. Noted for pay, benefits, the whole nine yards.

Still waiting on pubs. No word, yet. Will report back later. Over and out. May all your tales…



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