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I feel so flu-ish. Woke up in January today. I think it’s getting back to normal, but I’m glad. It’s just creepy to have summer in January when you’re used to Winter. You keep wondering if the blizzard is waiting for July or something.

I think hubby finally caught his homework up. I was getting worried, but he seemed to be doing much better today. You worry when they’re lethargic for too long, hubbys are like kids there.

That’s about it, I guess. Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, etc. I sent a follow-up to publisher #… Well, I’m not sure which number their ordered in. Anyways, it was one of them. I’m waiting there.

You ever notice how people change towards one another after school. I got to thinking when my eldest sister commented about someone she went to school with. You know, you fuss and complain and fight and hate the people you attend school with. Twenty years later, they say, “Hey! I knew them, good people.” ????

Of course, I’m usually thinking, “Hey, they picked on me in Middle School.” If it’s one thing you never forget, those good ol’ bullies. Years later, they’ll treat you like you were just the closest friend they had in school. Which, it’s good that they change so drastically, it’s hard to get used to on the other side, though. You just keep waiting for the remarks or threats. It gets ingrained, I guess.

Always interesting to see how bullies turn out, though. It can be a coin toss.

Night all. Over and out. May all your tales…

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