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I got one of those CDs from AOL today, you wouldn’t believe the free stuff on them, now. I don’t use AOL and don’t want to, but it’s worth trying a CD out for the stuff. Who knew?

Interview went well today, they want hubby back for one tomorrow. Don’t know which he’ll take, he’s finally got some choices. It’s about time. He needed one.

Of course, now I’m hearing my financial aid is straightened out. Ha. I didn’t think I’d get it and they took all of December to get around to sending me something about it. Typical. I didn’t get my placement examinations or anything because I didn’t even know that I would qualify. Oh, yea. School starts in what… seven days. I haven’t so much as been placed. I doubt it.

I’ll probably have to put it off yet another semester. I want to go into something legal starting out, I’d love to take forensics. My ultimate goal is a four-year degree in Professional writing. I’ve gotten this far with no formal degree. I think having one might help tremendously. Certainly couldn’t hurt.

First day of school was nice. Spent the day watching a movie and working. I love school, it gives me so much free time. I’m usually about dead by night, it’s difficult to do much. My schedule used to be the opposite.

Well, it’s been a pretty good year, so far. All for now. May all your tales… well… you know. Over and out.

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