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Planning: With Swords

Originally Published at @ 9:42 p.m.

I’m preparing more quotes to upload here. I’m a freak about quotes, there’s so much to learn in the words of others. I’m trying to keep them organized so there may be two or three pages.

Interview went well, but job didn’t quite live up to the company’s reputation. I hate arrogant companies. A successful one is great to work for, but if they start with the conceit, you might as well quit. They’re heading for disaster when management starts getting arrogant and cocky. No, their company is not the best in the world and no, the benefits of employment there do not hold a candle to its counterparts elsewhere. It’s pretty bad when a new company has attitude, can you imagine what it will turn into with time.

Started reorganizing the library, I have so many crap books. I hate them. You see them, they look interesting, you get them home, they’re crap. I’m a very selective reader and even I still find books that start out great, have great parts, but the practice of actually getting from here to there is torture.

I actually had stories in the anthology hubby hadn’t read. I always love it when that happens. I get in moods and I’m so prolific with short stories. But, it’s just in moods. I have 30 works in it altogether. I love reading short stories, though. Guess it’s only natural that it’s fun to write them, too. Not much of a market for them, but who cares. It’s short stories. They’re just brief episodes for entertainment.

I do hope it all goes well. Over and out for now. May all your tales…



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