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Put Out Those Lights!

Originally Published at @ 9:56 p.m.

Well, woke up to May, ate supper in November. Hasn’t today been a doozy.

This weather is so screwed up, even my euphoria is wearing thin. It was all sunny and bright and warm, then the wind started. It felt like a few minor tornados for a few hours. Suddenly, it was so dark. And rainy. Still not cold. This time last year, we had snow. Now, we’re in shorts.

I’m caught up in studies, hooray. Actually, I went a little ahead because I didn’t want to be pushing like that again in a week or so. Now, to get hubby up to speed. He’s been sick this weak and unable to study like me. Well, that’s what we’re for, isn’t it.

Besides, most of the things in these introductory classes are pretty basic. I’m getting a good taste of the technical terms, but that’s about it. It is pretty awesome. I’m glad we started this. Hubby isn’t, yet. Then, I started telling him how, by the time he is finished, he might have an opportunity to create historic simulations or games of some sort. Needless to say, that brightened him up. But, it’s true.

I hope things continue like they do in our academics. I’m still so amazed that we’re doing it. Just that first step, I’m just so ecstatic about that. Over and out. May all your tales…


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