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Rainy Days

Originally Published at @ 1:22 p.m.

It’s raining again. And again. It’s a very Ring-ish day. I love that though, I see the best when it’s overcast.

Am logging in early today, don’t know if I’ll be in tonight or not.

Interview went well, now for #2. Although, from what we’ve heard #2 is the better of the two. Checked out the financial aid stuff, I was right. I got it. A little too late this semester, but next semester should be much better. Everything should be in order.

Hubby fixed car, thank God. My poor car. It’s seen better days. I’m still hung up about giving it up. I just hate trading things in. I mean if it works, seems so senseless to “fix” it. But, I know, it’ll just tear up again. And it reality, it is so much more economic to get a newer one that doesn’t tear up.

I got a present today. Well, a few. Hubby surprised me with “13 Ghosts,” DVD and some games. Whee….  “Hello, Tricky!”

You know, for all we lost during that break-in, we sure made up for it. I’m still amazed. I didn’t think we’d ever replace what was lost. Now, we’ve gotten more. Go figure.

You know the adage, though. When a door shuts, a window opens.

I hate to watch the news. I think those people who suffered due to the tsunami are so pitiful. Bless their hearts. Natural disasters always strike when least expected and in the most unexpected ways.

Oh! I added the next database to the domain. If anyone wants information on reviewing or critiquing, it’s open. I’ll be adding more articles as I come to them.

Well, all for now. May all you tales… you know.


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