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The Great Robbery: Update 2005

Originally Published at @ 1:06 p.m.

Thought I’d continue to chart this event. Since it’s a new year, I should keep it organized.

We received further confirmation, actually final confirmation, that the robbery was vindictive. Well, I guess that’s it. Happily and sadly. It’s most definitely an “inside job.”

How can you overcome something like that? Someone you actually know and speak to has the capacity to do that. Why? It’s astounding. How could anyone do it? I couldn’t rob someone, no matter how much I hated them. No matter how much I wanted any childish, “revenge.” How could anyone place themselves in such a severe situation because some stupid whim struck.

Okay. Let’s think this through with a step-by-step approach. Someone angers you. Of course, it couldn’t be anything valid because we never do anything. So, that completely disqualifies us for actual, “payback.” We haven’t ever committed felonies against anyone else. No misdemeanors, either. You’ll have to bear with me on this one, I’m completely beside myself as to how exactly logic works in this scenario.

Now, the field is shifting. Okay. So we’re mad at someone over something stupid. I know, let’s commit a felony! Several felonies! Let’s bring the kids, hell it’s a family event. They found evidence of two, and are still suspicious of children being there. CHILDREN being there. Teaching junior the tricks of the trade.

For one small temporary feeling of, “justice,” we’ll break-and-enter into someone’s house. One felony. We’ll steal goods that would cost a few thousand dollars to replace. Another felony. We’ll destroy property that doesn’t even belong to the people we’re pissed at. Another felony. Then, we’ll hide stolen property. Possession. We’ll try to get rid of the evidence. A few counts of obstruction. We’ll then lie to the authorities, (they’ve interviewed everyone as far as we know). Misrepresentation. Perjury. Felonies. Oh, yea. They stole weapons, a sword and a gun. Now that will really introduce some serious offenses. That goes into the whole “armed robbery,” thing. What if we’d came home before they left? If they were unstable enough to actually break into our house, would it be such a far stretch that they would have shot us? The cops are already onto this.

Okay. Now all that is over. Since we left evidence of the kids, we’ll lose our children. We’ll be on probation for a few years if we get a damned good attorney. That really isn’t likely because we don’t know anyone rich enough to get an attorney like that. I’d say they’ll have to go with a court-appointed attorney and they’ll be doing time. We’ll be paying, not only restitution to the people in the home we targeted, but court costs, fines, fees, etc.

It’s really just frustrating and angering. Why? Why would someone jeopardize so much for so little? If they had bad blood for some reason only known to them, why not just ignore us? Why not just pretend we didn’t exist? Why put it all on the line for such a stupid, shallow cause?

You know, if we’d railroaded someone legally out of thousands of dollars, I could see it. If we’d physically harmed someone, I could understand. If we had committed a crime against someone of any kind, I could find logic in it. But, nothing.

You know, every ounce of anger I feel is just hollow. Someone is going to lose more than I can comprehend right now. How can you be happy about that? It’s pitiful. Regardless of what reasons they believed they had, it won’t stand in court. That’s exactly where they’re headed. And why? Someone’s delusion is going to have such a price. Makes you wonder about people. Most of the people we charted we’d known for years. But, it’s one of them. Someone knew a little too much and made the mistake of showing it. Both states in our area have officers just waiting for the right moment. You know they wanted to, “get us,” for such a shallow reason. Now, look at where it’s going.



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