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What Dreams May Come

Originally Published at @ 9:48 p.m.

Today has felt wonderful. No more tropics, I think it’s actually cooled. Somewhat.

We went out today. I love seeing everyone. Hubby has interviews this week, little one goes back to school tomorrow. Hubby just got a call earlier today to come in to an interview tomorrow. Busy week. I hope all goes well. The worst thing about the future is its unpredictability. I am excited though, it’s about time to hear from that one publisher. I should be hearing from two more within about two months.

Whilst I wait, it’s about spring cleaning time. I dread it. But, I’m excited. This past year has just been so much different than the others. I’m excited to see what this upcoming one holds. And it’s scary. But, much of life is. Just have to stay focused on what matters and what makes it good.

I need to schedule a photography session. I’ve been putting it off forever. Writers and cameras aren’t the best of friends, just by nature. They focus on exterior, we’re absorbed on the interior. I need some author shots. I don’t have any pictures I particularly like. I don’t know. Maybe if I can have a series of photos, that’ll make it easier to pick one.

I’m adding a section to the domain about critiquing. Well, I’ve certainly struggled with them. Surprisingly, not by getting, but giving them. Which, I can’t say it’s a massive group of writers. I have tried to help many writers online since 1999. I’ll certainly add that many have gave me both advice and tips I’ve found invaluable. I’m still thanking them for spotting things I may never have seen. How can you really thank someone who gives you a gift like that, though?

The most ironic situation with critiquing came from a friend I’d known for well over a decade. This was a while back. Well, a simple, supportive critique was blown into the most unbelievable circumstances and situations imaginable. I’ve been weary about critiquing others since. But, you know, the ones I have given since were received with gratitude. One even asked me when it was going to get worse. Now, I was impressed at that. I was blown away with my first real edit. But, the final product was awesome.

I’ve heard so many editors and publishers complain about the reactions they get sometimes, I decided to make an area about it. Well, it’s a good addition to a writing site, very relevant.

Think I’ll go for now. I may start adding my favorite forwards. I know, everyone gets them. But, some are really worth passing on. I don’t forward them, myself, but may put a few on here as time passes.

Think that’s about it. May all your tales be twisted. Over and out.


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