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Work Again

Originally Published at @ 10:20 a.m.

Work again today. You’d think it would end sometime. Nope.

I’m getting ready to start on pr stuff for another book. I know I haven’t heard from the publisher, but the response I’ve gotten so far from them was very positive. Besides, it would be better just to get it out of the way. I’m struggling with the press release. I don’t know the best approach. I’m used to creating them for novels, not short story anthologies. I guess I’ll just take it as it comes. At least I don’t struggle with marketing materials, I can be thankful for that. Just have to work a little harder on this one, but that’s okay.

I need to stock back up on postage and envelopes. If I’m going to send out materials for my next book, I need to be prepared. Thankfully, it’s just another novel.

I have more to add to the, “criticism corner,” at the domain. I’ll probably have a list of articles before it’s over. But, so many people have so much trouble with critiques and reviewing and there just aren’t that many resources for technical information on critiques (or the psychological concerns for people involved with them.) As innocent as it is, it can involve some serious consequences.

All for now. Over and out. May all your tales….




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