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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Originally Published at @ 10:24 p.m.

Today was good. Very good. I do believe I was spoiled. 😉

Hassling with the domain. My image paths are screwed up, I’m waiting on tech support to respond. I don’t know what it could be. My poor site is naked without images! I’m going through a transition with it right now. I am aiming for a futuristic theme when I am able to complete it. Right now, it’s just dull gray.

Let’s see. That’s about it. Oh! No it isn’t.

I made a “c” on my composition essay. 🤬A “C!!!!” I know it could be worse. The problem is, it shouldn’t be! I just HAD to let the instructor know I am a writer. You know, I helped hubby with his essay and he got a critique, but was a very positive and supportive one. Okay, okay. So I kind of wrote a lot of it for him. But, he was extremely sick with a terrible flu. Naturally, I helped. His response was good. I mean it critiqued, but in a good way. The kind you like to see.

Now, shall we discuss mine. 😤That was written equally painstakingly. Mine. Blah. Blech. Criticism that wasn’t supportive or positive. Why did I have to open my big email? Here I was, hoping beyond hope that a composition teacher would be a WONDERFUL person to discuss writing issues with. Who better to ask than someone who teaches it daily? But, NOOOO. Isn’t that way at all. I get a hard time. We did both get the same grade, but that did not sit right with me. That just ticked me off. There was no reason for both essays to have such a difference in them, not when so much was by the same person. Dear God, is this what college is?

Oh, yea. If you’re new to it, you don’t have any problem. But, let your instructor know that it really means more to you than just a credit and watch out! They can play with you. Do annoying things to you.

I was asked ridiculous questions. Completely redundant questions that anyone would suspect. The essay was on school politics and, in my response, I noted many schools were terrible because of their unfair practices due to political beliefs. Duh. Everyone knows that. It’s been that way for decades. So, the building can’t be unfair, the administration is. DUH?!?!?! Would anyone actually believe in such an article that the author was referring to the architectural Nazi? Is that wall going to treat a student unfairly? I don’t like the way that brick sticks out, maybe I should assume it’s a “bad” wall. It treats people poorly. AHHHHHHHHH.

Okay. Calm. Cool. Collected. I’m going to fail. A writer of sixteen years can fail simple composition class. Already have a “c” on my essay. Shall I end it this semester? How can I make it to a four-year degree? Maybe I need a new instructor. Oh, yea. After this “c” ruins my record. In composition class. And I want a bachelor’s in professional writing. I’m doomed.

So, all for now. Over and out. May all your tales….



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