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Originally Published at WhoHah.html @ 9:58 p.m.

I finally have a home office. An honest-to-God home office. It’s un-friggin-believable. I have a “professional work space.” Ah-hah! Took me a few years, well more like a decade, to get one, but here it is! As you may have noticed, office equipment and supplies are the equivalent to clothing for me. Always has been. My love is not purchased with roses, it’s filling cabinets. Bookshelves. Storage organizers. Pens. Ink cartridges.

Writing is a need that exceeds clothing, for me it’s up there with eating and drinking.

Contract is off. The classes are coming along well. I’m caught up in my homework. I’m learning CSS. Thank God. Some other writing-related courses have opened up, and I am highly tempted to take them. But, why?

My sole purpose for taking them would be to meet other writers in the area. I don’t know if I want to be under someone’s tutelage with my fiction. The things they are teaching, I already know. That irritates me. I could not get an entry test to see where I really am when I enrolled. Like with my composition class, I already know about citations and bibliographies. I have used the Chicago Manuel of Style, MLA, etc. I’ve used them before. I already know how to take notes, the various methods of researching, how to use a library, how to efficiently choose a research topic, and all the rest. I KNOW. But, here I am in class with people who can’t even create a proper sentence. One, that I know of, can’t spell at all.

Ah, the degree. The torture you will subject yourself to just to obtain a degree. I REALLY hope it’s worth it.

And the worst thing, you are treated like a common student. That may seem desirable at first. But, all those years slugging away at research, assignments, deadlines, bitchy editors, corporate “know it alls,” who look down on any and all fiction, meager wages for full work, it all just seems a little in vain. You suffer that for years only to be treated like a new writer who doesn’t know the difference between a vanity publisher and the real thing. Go figure.

Well, think I’ll go for now. My next CSS lesson is up.

Over and out. May all your tales….


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