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Today was gorgeous.

After the past few years, I can’t believe it’s February.

Usually, we’re freezing. You can wear shorts outside, now.

Took son to the county Spelling Bee this morning. It didn’t go well, but it’s his first. I know it had to be overwhelming and I’m just tickled he conquered his school. He didn’t really anticipate a lot, I don’t think. I’m just glad that he made a good effort. Actually, he knew how to spell the word they gave him, I just don’t think he’s developed the “competitive edge,” yet. But, that can be a good thing.

I couldn’t believe they started out on such easy words, that surprised me. I mean three and four-letter words. The list they sent home had beginner level words starting at six letters. I mean ratio, biology, words like that.

No more writing news, no real news of any kind. Puttering away with css and wishing my software would get here. Should be by Mon. or Tues. It’s just sluggish.

Contract is ready to mail. I’ll send it Monday. I just can’t believe I’m entering into a formal contract. But, it’s cool because they only rights they request are publication and distribution. Anything like film, merchandise, etc. is still my own.

Well, all for now. Over and out. May all your tales….


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