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What I Do Is Normal In Other Cultures

Originally Published at @ 9:54 p.m.

Here again. One of my queries happened to return home today. Ah, the prodigal one. Well, in regards to the children’s books. Sadly, it was rejected, but I am suspicious.

First, they sent a form letter. Standard BS rejection you get from publishers. It’s just a piece of paper that’s “auto-generated,” to reply.

You know what really got to me though? (Where to start?)

First, it was a “form letter.” I had not only a referral from Scholastic Press, I have a child psychologist who inspects my stories. A PSYCHOLOGIST. How can anything involving a specialist, highly relevant to the work, receive such a BS reply?

They were supposed to be a well-established publisher with a long history. They treat doctors that way? Lord help me. I’m glad I did have a professional behind me, imagine what they do the poor writers that don’t seek the critique and advice of a professional? I don’t care that I was rejected, I’m pretty thick-skinned to it. But, to have such backing and not even get a note of appreciation to the professional? Not even a mention.

So, I guess that ballpark’s out of the question. Humph. So, I am doing what I’m meant to do. Good ol’ horror and mystery. Why is it that only my bizarre stuff gets noticed? I can’t have a kids’ book, but I can certainly have a nice horrific anthology. My non-fiction articles always did well, but that’s kind of a crap market unless you’re under contract. Maybe you will get accepted, maybe not. Maybe you will actually get paid for what you were ASSIGNED TO WRITE and not just what was used… Maybe not.

Been there, done that. I’ve been promised a few hundred for an article of “x” length only to get paid a little over one because it was so chopped up. Although, they assigned me to write at the original length that I submitted. Is that not illegal? How can you contract someone to do something and just pay them what you feel like?

Contractors that do house work get paid for their work, but writers don’t. Oh, well I see you re-finished the entire first floor, but we’ll only use two rooms so here’s half of what you requested. Ah, yes. That new bathroom… Well, seeing as how it’s only a guest bathroom and will only be used a few times a year, here’s a twenty for your trouble.

I’m not going to complain though. I’ve been very lucky. Lots of gifted, amazing writers go lifetimes without being noticed. Poe, Dickenson, etc. The list goes on.

So, I’m thankful for what I have and I’m ready to sign my contract for my horror. Dahling, I’m veady for my close-up….

All for now, over and out. May all your tales….



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