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What, Me Worry?

Originally Published at Pressure.html @ 10:09 p.m.

I need to get on the ball, I really do. I don’t know why I’m procrastinating so badly.

Publisher said, when all final details were cleared up, my book will be out within days instead of months. That kind of put me in a limbo, I guess. Days. Days? Is it even possible?

I don’t know why, well I suspect. I’m getting hormonal. But, everything else does NOT help. Essays due, tests to take, I’m starting to wonder if I hadn’t made a mistake by starting school. I know, I know. In time, it’ll settle itself out. I worry too much. It’s hard not to.

I am going through the marvelous task of choosing book covers now. How? How can you choose one? I like them all and I’m supposed to pick one? It’s not fair. Why can’t I have a few with all the covers I like? They all say something I like.

I’ve picked out my clothing for my photos. Now, I just got to schedule the session and actually do it. Eyeeyeeye. Why do these things have to be so difficult? You’d think that after nearly two decades I’d be accustomed to the idea.

Well, I’ll go for now. Over and out. May all your tales….


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